On forgetting

I stumbled upon my own “facebook note” dated Mar 2009.  I wish I had included the people’s names I was referring to at each of the item when I wrote this note, almost eight years ago, because now I have forgotten.  I took a look at the list of people that I had tagged in the note, many whom I still talk to, but many whom I’ve lost touch with over the years.   I feel regretful that the details are faded now, and in some ways, even my words sound a bit like they’re coming from a stranger (I mean, why would I ever care how old Al Pacino is? And who would ever call me princess?)

But the note reminded me of all the things to be thankful for.

Thankful for those years of such warm memories and thankful for the many friendships that were the reason for them. Thankful for old friends and seeing each other grow.

I’ve included the note below.  If this little list brings back any good memories, send me a message!


Dear Loo Friends,

Thanks for…

– calling me “princess” in a loving way
– preparing a lovely dinner of “sweet sensation” steak and red wine and skipping CCF
– staying up till 4 am playing bonanza, watching trailers on itunes, and googling how old Al Pacino is
– french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs breakfast plus girl talk
– warm sunny saturday afternoon in williams chatting about everything
– classy dinner @ wildcraft including adventures in bosc pears, stilton cheese and lollipop cheesecakes; interruptions of blackberries and iphones, and bantering about the most INANE things
– chauffeuring me to and from my parties at 2 am
– visiting me in your pj’s even though you’re running a fever and coughing (and helping me with biological warfare by contaminating the asparagus)
– making me cook asparagus in the kitchen by myself while everyone else is eating dinner
– absolute spectacular party at sunnydale and fubar (Happy birthday dearest!!)
– giving up your room for two nights and sleeping on the couch
– a last minute road trip with one of the bestest filled with awesome conversations (mostly in point form)



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